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Save the date! First prominent Speakers confirmed for #a2n_camp

Press Release:    04/2010

The Berlin Music Week starts on 6 September for the first time. The #a2n_camp is the opening act of the Berlin Music Week on 6 and 7 September 2010. The #a2n_camp is the part of the all2gethernow which will be accessible with an affordable separate ticket (30 €) as well as with the combi-ticket. We provide an open platform to get into conversation with established artists, representatives of the music industry as well as internationally accepted business leaders. This is a call to engage, think ahead and out of the box to focus on finding solutions, developing ideas and most importantly, learning from each other, since no one knows what the future will bring. Confirmed speakers include Marius Müller Westernhagen, Dave Haynes (Sound Cloud), Shamal Ranasinghe (topspin) and Christian Mix-Linz (Tracks & Fields) and many more.

The all2gethernow 2009 ( already built a new conference format. For the first time a music-business conference was held in 2009, which focused on the dialogue between all parties. After the successful debut of the format all2gethernow further developed the concept for 2010. Similar to last year, the #a2n_camp invites music business, Internet and web2.0 experts, publishers, distributors, labels, managements, promoters and organisers, musicians and composers, public, private sector and collecting society representatives as well as music listeners and fans to exchange experiences and discuss new concepts. The #a2n_camp will build on last year's positive experiences and provide an open platform for conversations on a broad variety of topics. Artists, members of the industry, journalists, web providers, politicians or fans – all stakeholders are invited to participate.
Dave Haynes (Sound Cloud) is holding a workshop on what music business might learn from software industries. Furthermore, the singer Zoe.LeelA will present her experiences with the release of music under Creative Commons licenses. Besides those already mentioned, representatives from the major labels, politicians and international thought leaders will participate and take part in discussions.
Even Marius Müller-Westernhagen as an established artist is planning to suspend extra rehearsals for his upcoming tour to join the discussion about the "lack of attitude in today's entertainment" - inspired by his recent article in "Die Zeit".

The # a2n_camp is the interactive heart of the Berlin Music Week conference and provides the substantive basis for the other parts of the program: #a2n_congress (8 – 9 September at Flughafen Tempelhof) and #a2n_forum (10 – 11 September at Flughafen Tempelhof). The a2n themes and camp topics will be condensed during the curated conference program. The #a2n_forum will reflect the outcomes of #a2n_camp and #a2n_congress in interviews with artists of the Berlin Festival. Interesting camp discussions will be carried forth into the congress, either through rapporteurs introducing camp outcomes, or through continuing the actual camp discussion at the congress.

The # a2n_camp not only invites the major music business, but also representatives of the independent music business as well as active musicians and composers, to exchange experiences and discuss new concepts. Therefore, the #a2n_camp is also available separately from the combi-ticket by an affordable separate ticket: one-day passes 20 Euro and two-day passes 30 Euro. Of course the #a2n_camp is included in the combi-ticket as well.

You can find an overview of the already confirmed beta program under:

6.-7. September 2010
Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Schönhauser Allee 36
10435 Berlin


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