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Call for Papers

all2gethernow camp submit your topics and sessions

The all2gethernow camp is the opening act of the Berlin Music Week on 6 and 7 September 2010 (Monday and Tuesday) in the Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Building on the positive experience of the a2n camp last year1, the camp will offer room for your topics and conversations. While we will also curate and invite several sessions during the camp, we have lots of space reserved for issues on your agenda.

You can submit your topic and session proposals for the all2gethernow camp to until 08 July 2010.

How do I submit my session idea?

You can submit your proposal by email to The proposal can be informal but needs to contain:
1 – 2 paragraphs explaining your topic/session idea
some information about yourself / the speaker(s)

What happens after my proposal submission?

We will get back to you latest by 18 July 2010, if and how your propsal can be integrated in the a2n camp.

What is an a2n camp session?
Each session has a room and a time slot of 1,5 hrs. It will be up to you to shape and fill this time slot. Overall, we would like to encourage conversation, mutual inspiration and exchange of experiences – so your session should ideally enable this. You can, for instance, organize a discussion on a certain topic or a workshop. You can also hold a presentation – if you allow for sufficient q&a time with your audience. We are open to include other ways of dealing with the a2n themes, like performances, music (!) or different forms of artistic or conversational expression.

What are the a2n themes?
The a2n is about new strategies in music business and music culture, and in related cultural and creative fields. a2n aims at developing creative solutions how to sustain and develop a society rich and diverse in music and culture. Taking into consideration and working with realities and possibilities arising through digital developments, and including the different stakeholder perspectives and needs are core concerns.
The a2n 2009 (documentation2) opened the floor for a wide variety of relevant and related topics, which we would like to build on, deepen, expand, and take ahead in 2010. The a2n has seven themes that extend through camp, conference and forum. The themes are very broad and certainly include more than than the topics outlined below.

How have roles, processes and collaborations changed in today's music scenes? Which services do artists need and who can provide them? Should we form new collaborative alliances?
Examples of working business models at different levels. Business strategies for artists, music businesses, music media, major labels etc.
Getting the music out to the listener. Usefulness and practices of do-it-yourself strategies. Social media. Communication with fans. From record stores to digital distribution.
Music as culture. Political strategies to support music culture and cultural business. Music education. Cultural deliberations.
What should the collection society of the future look like? International licensing. Challenges of copyright regulations.
Old and new recommendation cultures. Technological developments in making, distibuting and enjoying music.
Music as a topic. Exchange of experiences and workshops in making music.

Who will attend the a2n camp?
Everyone (all2gethernow) is invited to participate in the a2n camp. The camp is the part of the a2n which will be accessible with an affordable separate ticket3. It is important for us to create a space for conversations within the Berlin Music Week that is easily accessible to everyone interested. Every interested musician, artist, small label owner, freelancer, organizer or author should be able to attend the a2n camp.

Can I use my session to present my product or promote my brand?
Yes. If you would like to organize a workshop on a certain music software, or discuss your beta version of a new DIY web platform, or would like to organize a conversation under the name of your brand – it's all possible in the context of an a2n partnership. We are happy to discuss our partner conditions with you, depending on how many partner sessions or other partner activities you would like to engage in. Please add to your session proposal to the comment “partnership/brand presentation”.

What is the event format “camp”?
The a2n camp is inspired by the barcamp format, which is a participatory organized event on a certain theme. Different to the classical barcamp format, we will not plan all sessions at the event itself; instead we will organize most of the programme in advance of the event. This also allows us to better integrate the results of the camp into the overall a2n. There will still be some space for spontaneous sessions. At the core of the camp idea are exchange, mutual inspiration and learning; it is very much about the participants and their experiences, ideas and perspectives. Most practical workshops of the a2n will take place at the camp.

How is the camp connected to the other a2n programme parts?
We aim to link the three a2n programme parts as closely as possible. Due to the structure of the Berlin Music Week, the a2n comes in three parts, which we see as elements of a coherent whole event. In order to achieve strong linkages between the three parts, we plan to:
Exchange speakers between camp and conference: As many conference speakers as possible should also speak at the camp. Vice versa, we would like to invite camp speakers to participate in conference discussions.
“Best of camp” at the conference: Interesting camp discussions will be carried forth into the conference, either through a rapporteur introducing camp outcomes, or through continuing the actual camp discussion at the conference.
Rapporteurs and theme condensation: The a2n camp opens up the event with a broad variety of topics. The a2n themes and camp topics will be condensed during the curated conference programme. The a2n forum, eventually, will reflect the outcomes of camp and conference in interviews with artists of the Berlin Festival.

Are there further possibilities to participate in the a2n camp, except organizing my own session?
Yes. We will need:
Moderators: Smart moderation is key to outcome oriented discussions. Especially for larger discussion groups we would like to involve experienced moderators.
Rapporteurs: Like last year, we would like to document, summarize, and analyze the a2n themes and topics with the help of rapporteurs. Rapporteurs listen and watch carefully what is being discussed during the camp, and ensure that outcomes and interesting highlights are being recorded and represented in conference, forum, and the a2n documentation.
Partner: The camp needs supporters. We are happy to talk with you about the several options for presenting your brand at the camp and the entire a2n.

Why would I propose and organize an a2n camp session?
Several reasons - To make your topic visible and put it on the overall agenda. To get new ideas and perspectives on a topic of your concern through exchange with others. To make the a2n more relevant. To not have to revert to something like “they discuss stuff that I am not interested in anyways”. To have fun. To actively get to know people. To experiment with new formats. To share knowledge and experiences. To make an impact and inspire others. To be part of the discussion on new strategies in music business and music culture.

More information

#a2n_camp = Hashtag for twitter, facebook, blog articles

all2gethernow (a2n, 6 - 11 September 2010), the congress of the Berlin Music Week, is a convention for a future-oriented music business and music culture. The a2n invites everyone active and interested in the music scene and related creative and cultural fields – artists, music business, web projects, media, politicians, researchers, and fans – to join in a conversation on new strategies, ideas and solutions, to share experiences and learn from each other. Across genres, a2n offers an open platform for exchange of ideas and discussion of diverse perspectives. We invite you to participate, think ahead and out of the box – all2gethernow.

The a2n 2010 has three connected parts:
6/7 Sept. 10: a2n camp, at Kulturbrauerei Berlin (#a2n_camp)
8/9 Sept. 10: a2n conference, at Flughafen Tempelhof, alongside Popkomm (#a2n_conference)
10/11 Sept. 10: a2n forum, at Flughafen Tempelhof, alongside Berlin Festival (#a2n_forum)

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