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The a2n program is structured into a curated and an open part, the latter defined by innovative barcamp and workshop formats. Seven theme tracks provide the grid for the most pressing questions of the music- and creative industries:


  • Jill Sobule on how to raise your fanbase.

  • Mark Chung (Freibank / VUT) on re-mapping roles and tasks.


  • Daniel Haver (Native Instruments) on what music business might learn from software industries.

  • Martin Thörnkvist (Songs I Wish) and Moto Boy on building new economical systems.

  • Andrew Dubber and Steve Lawson (beide New Music Strategies) presenting a new strategies workshop for musicians.


  • Martin Atkins (Invisible Records) presenting you with a workshop on DIY marketing and touring.

  • Clive Gardiner (We7) on the current state in digital distribution.


  • Paul Dalen (Reverse Thread) on the impact of technologies and social media on music culture.

  • D. Strauss (Exberliner) inviting a group of expat musicians on the role of expatriatism in the Berlin music scene


  • Monika Bestle (Sonthofener Kulturwerkstatt), Wieland Harms and Ole Seelenmeyer (DRMV) talking to GEMA supporters and representatives about their respective petitions.

  • Michael Weller (EEAR) and John Hendrik Weitzmann (Creative Commons Deutschland) on a new collecting society for Creative Commons licences.


  • Kevin Arnold (IODA) on the meaning of real-time web in music business.

  • David Maher Roberts (The Filter) on search and navigation in music.


  • Rupert Hine on creating and valuing songs.

  • Sandra Mynheer (25 Media) guiding through a songwriter's workshop.

Up to 200 various workshops and sessions as well as 24 keynote speakers from around the world are scheduled for the convention. a2n is an invitation towards all affiliated with the music industry and bordering cultural and creative branches – from artists, to music enterprises, media, web providers, politicians or interested users and fans – to expand thoughts on how to take the workings of the industry to the next level. a2n moderates the forum, focusses on finding solutions, developing ideas and most importantly, learning from each other.

All interested parties can directly take part in the planning stages of the convention by attending the regularly organised „Townhall Meetings“ in Berlin or by sending suggestions on topics or themes to be included (

Similar to last year, a2n will put emphasis on result oriented and conclusive outcome and an in-depth documentation of results. a2n also promotes substantial cooperation with related and notable events taking place domestically and internationally.

6.-7. September 2010: #a2n_camp @ Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

workshops, sessions, barcamp

8.-9. September 2010: #a2n_congress @ Flughafen Tempelhof


10.-11. September 2010: #a2n_forum @ Flughafen Tempelhof

summary of findings of #a2n_camp and #a2n_congress