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Clark Parsons

Clark Parsons
Managing Director Berlin School of Creative Leadership

Clark is the Managing Director of the Berlin School, responsible for its administration with special focus on marketing, communications, finance and strategy. A native of (sweet home) Alabama in the U.S., he began his career as a newspaper journalist (Daily Variety, The Tennessean, Nashville Banner, Nashville Scene) and later editor-in-chief of a city magazine (Nashville Life). He was awarded a Robert Bosch Fellowship in 1997 and moved to Germany for a year of work in the Film & TV Division of the the German state of North Rhine-Westfalia’s Ministry of Post & Telecom.


He then had a Bosch Fellowship stage at the Berliner newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. After deciding to extend his year long stay in Germany (for 13 years and counting), Clark worked as a media Project Manager for the Industrial Investment Council of the New German States, advising foreign Internet companies and broadcasters locating in Berlin such as eBay and the Einstein Channel. After further stints as a broadcast media consultant at KPMG/BearingPoint and as Country Manager for an IT business development network, he co-founded Vortel GmbH, a VoIP- telephony company that was later sold to Inter.Net Germany. Clark holds a B.A. in English from Vanderbilt University and an M.S. in Journalism from the Columbia University School of Journalism, where he was elected graduation speaker. He lives in Berlin-Zehlendorf with his wife, two children and a vinyl record collection still waiting to be re-alphabetized.