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Reinhold Heil

Reinhold Heil

Reinhold Heil, born and raised in West Germany, moved to the former West Berlin at age 19 to study classical music production and piano at the Academy of Arts. With his first band he recorded two albums of fusion jazz, only to return to eclectic pop by joining the original Nina Hagen Band in 1977, with gold and platinum albums all over Europe coming out of this formation. When Hagen left the in 1979, the four remaining members formed the group Spliff, and built their own recording studio and publishing company in Berlin.


Over the next five years the band released four albums awarded again with gold and platinum – as well as two feature film soundtracks. Not limiting himself to performing, and based on his education and studio experience, Reinhold also began to produce albums of various artists such as Nena, who’s 99 Luftballons was a massive worldwide hit. Reinhold went on to work with many solo artists and bands, most prominently the Rainbirds, Rio Reiser and British recording artist Kim Wilde. Reinhold then ventured into another area of music when he composed Baroque and Renaissance style music for a Shakespeare production at the renowned Schiller Theater in Berlin. He then made the transition from the theatrical stage to the silver screen, composing music for films, which is where Johnny Klimek entered the picture.


Heil and Klimek’s works, such as Run Lola Run, One Hour Photo, Without a Trace, Deadwood, Land of the Dead, Perfume or The International (for which they were nominated for a World Soundtrack Award) have ensured that they have established themselves in the American and international film scene. They have just completed the Australian action flick “Tomorrow When The War Began”, are currently working with Tom Tykwer on his new movie “Drei” and, according to Variety, are among the elite list of “Creatives To Watch”.